Southern’s premium seaport and airport warehouse facilities provide clients with a prime location for worldwide distribution. Our 100,000 square feet of FDA approved warehousing facilities in South Florida (U.S. FDA Food Facility registration # 14827248170) is conveniently located just minutes from the seaport, airport, or Florida East Coast Railway (FEC). We have extensive experience handling various types of goods, including construction materials, food products, paper goods, consumer goods, and electronics.

Railroad Sidings
Southern provides railroad sidings (railcar loading/unloading), which can drastically reduce your transportation costs. Because only a limited number of warehouses have this type of access, Southern provides the advantage of also being able to receive merchandise through these railroad sidings. With approximately three truckloads of merchandise fitting into one railcar, we can provide many of our clients with great savings on transportation from the US, Mexico, and Canada. In addition, Southern can move your merchandise from the railcar and directly onto flatbeds or into trailers for delivery, or into containers for export.

Southern renders complete warehousing, consolidation, and distribution services, including but not limited to:

  • Export container stuffing
  • Import container stripping
  • Container/trailer transloading, and total crating, assembly and labeling of packaging.

Inventory Control
As an added value, Southern provides monthly inventory reports created from a fully automated system that allows for “real-time” inventory tracking of your merchandise. This system permits the immediate re-count of merchandise as we handle your products in and out of the warehouse. For convenience, our system offers live tracking via mobile app, which provides our customers with a personal log-in and 24/7 access to their inventory-on-hand, as well as information on shipments that have been received and those that have been shipped out.  

Container Freight Station
Southern’s container freight station allows you to store bonded merchandise in transit to other countries without paying U.S. duties. This service is also essential to customers who wish to delay payment of duties before entering the U.S.

Our customers can rest assured that Southern Warehouse will meet their distribution needs.

Key Points

  • Premium South Florida location
  • 100,000 square feet of warehousing
  • FDA approved
  • Railroad sidings
  • Container Freight Station
  • Realtime inventory accessibility
  • Extensive experience in various types of goods

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