Southern Cartage, Inc. serves the South Florida market including the Port of Miami and Port Everglades as well as area rails with our trucking services.

Southern Cartage East, Inc. serves the Florida ports of Tampa, Jacksonville, and Manatee, other Florida rails, as well as the Ports of Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Southern Cartage is an experienced and bonded trucking company dedicated to the delivery of full and less-than-container-load shipments, covering Florida and nearby states. To provide premium service, Southern Cartage has a diverse fleet of line equipment such as chassis, flatbeds, and trailers, as well as special equipment and permits required for handling overweight 20’ and 40’ containers. Because of excellent interchange relationship with all shipping lines, we can pick up your containers at any Southeast port.

Working with both company-owned and owner-operator trucks, Southern also contracts a staff of experienced drivers with the knowledge of what it takes to deliver your merchandise safely and on time. Our drivers are experienced in hauling overweight containers, with the required triaxles (equipment) and permits needed to haul them. Because this network of drivers in location in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, this allows us to move manpower from one area to another as demands arise. Additionally, we are now also servicing the Houston Ports. Owning and operating these terminals means we can provide each facility with the support it needs, when it needs it. This ability to utilize company resources fluidly allows us to meet the demands of the business as a whole, ensuring we meet customer needs.

Third Party Logistics Trucking
Southern operates a third-party logistics department that can move your cargo – via flatbeds, less-than-truckload (LTL), or full truckloads — anywhere in the country, working with truck and rail, and utilizing a network of proven regional and long-haul LTL common carriers and all major North American railroads. We develop and plan out the necessary logistics to move your goods to any U.S. destination and can meet all your full trans-load, trucking, and warehousing needs.

Bonded Carrier
Southern Cartage is one of South Florida’s oldest International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) customs-carrier, customs-bonded transportation establishments. This allows us to pick up your bonded merchandise when in transit to another country or to a bonded warehouse.

Comprehensive Service Program
Southern has implemented a tight and on-going communication system to better serve its customers, with the ability to provide both current and historical information. This web-based, automated system tracks and stores all moves and dispatches drivers. In addition, experienced dispatchers work closely with drivers, who are offered Electronic Logging Device (ELD) capabilities that include GPS tracking information. Direct contact with drivers is possible via cellular phones; while fixed, in-vehicle cameras provide added safety features. Electronic data interchange with all major shipping lines and online access to Southeast and Southwest ports complement this communication system, ensuring immediate notifications when products have cleared customs and have been freight released.

Our customers can rest assured that Southern will meet their transportation needs.

Key Points

  • Bonded since 1965
  • Asset-based
  • Servicing ports and rails in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, and Houston
  • Experienced in hauling overweight cargo
  • Electronic dispatch, ELD’s, GPS, and cameras

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